1. Wedding in Heaven

    Our wedding was at Amanwella & it was a magical experience. We were booked in an Ocean Suite & the room was really nice. Afterwards we flew to Hatton where Ceylon Tea Trails gave the time of our lives. Their level of attention to details was simply awesome. We had some walks in the tea estates & visited a factory as well. All in all, it was a perfect getaway.

  2. Exquisite Tastes

    We arrived in Negombo to be meserized by the Lellama & how busy & authentic everything was down there. Loved the clay pot prawn curry. Our guide was also into cooking so it made the journey much easier. The hotels were carefully chosen by us. We thoroughly enjoyed Lavender House which had a serene feeling about it. We missed visiting Jaffna which housed some of the unique spices & tatses of the island. Watch out Jaffna!!

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