Gleaming white against a clear blue sky, the great expanse of a stupa rises up to meet the soft, feathery clouds, as it has done for over a millennium. You enter a time and space where history has stood still to give you the privilege to step into an ancient world of wonders. Wonders that come alive in a culture that has survived the centuries; heritage that lives on despite the ravages of time. Splendours of Ceylon will take you on an unforgettable journey to the incredible feats of our ancient people. To a sprawling sacred tree – planted in 235 BC, and is still thriving, to the ruins of first Kingdoms where majestic temples and monuments filled the vast cities, the glories of which still remain. To a rock citadel of a ruler on the run, considered to be the 8th wonder of the world and to the nation’s very last kingdom where culture and devout traditions continue unheeded. Then head south, to explore the natural miracles of hot water springs and spouting blowholes and on to the hidden treasures of a private island where you can rest and recall with pleasure all the enchantment you have experienced.

Day 01
Upon arrival relax the day at the hotel.
The Wallawwa, an old colonial manor house nestled amongst three acres of magnificent manicured gardens, The Wallawwa is another one

The Wallawwa | Meals: B D

Day 02
Visit Sri Maha Bodhiya which is believed to be the oldest living tree with a written history.

Ulagalla Resort | Meals: D B

Day 03
Explore the three temples of Anuradhapura – Jethavana, Mirisaveti & Ruwanweli which align perfectly with the star constellation of Orion’s Belt. Only the pyramids of Egypt align in such a manner from the entire world.

Ulagalla Resort | Meals: D B

Day 04
Climb the rock fortress of Sigiriya which is considered as the 8th wonder of the world. Even after hundreds of years, the water sprays are still active on a rainy day.

Vil Uyana | Meals: D B

Day 05
Visit the Kandy temple which houses the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha.

Clingendael | Meals: D B

Day 06
Relax the day in Kandy & take a stroll down the paths of Peradeniya botanical gardens.

Clingendael | Meals: D B

Day 07
Proceed to the Wahawa hot water spray which is a continuous spray of hot water coming from the crust of the Earth.

Monty Hotel | Meals: D B

Day 08
Witness the Bogoda Bridge which is the oldest standing wooden bride in the world.

98 Acres | Meals: D B

Day 09
En route to Weligama witness a freak of nature – The Hummanaya Blow Hole which is another breathtaking site.

Taprobane Island | Meals: No

Day 10
Relax the day in your private island.

Taprobane Island | Meals: No

Day 11
Departure to the airport to connect your flight

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