Signature Tours

  1. Mists & Waves

    As the first rays of dawn filters through the all-embracing haze, the majestic mountains hiding from view slowly take shape. The chill air is bracing, but the warmth of your steaming cup of morning tea fills you with anticipation of the treasures yet to be discovered on a brand new day in an amazing land […]

  2. Splendours of Ceylon

    Gleaming white against a clear blue sky, the great expanse of a stupa rises up to meet the soft, feathery clouds, as it has done for over a millennium. You enter a time and space where history has stood still to give you the privilege to step into an ancient world of wonders. Wonders that […]

  3. Green to green

    The morning dew still lingering on the fairway sparkles like minute gems. The distant peaks rise above the green and the air is crisp as you prepare to tee off for the day on one of the oldest golf links in the world in an old colonial outpost 6000 feet above sea level on a […]

  4. Back in Time

    The tropical sun beats relentlessly down on the carved stone edifice soaring into the sky, silence sizzles in the heat and even the birds dare not sing in the arid air of the dry zone. You stand in awe as time steps back thousands of years, knowing that this same sun shone down on the […]

  5. Grand Explorer

    The giant moon hangs over the dark ocean, rushing to greet the shore. The soft breeze is warm and welcoming, full of promise of the glorious days of exploration that await you on the tropical paradise you’ve come to discover. An island that is small, but filled with myriad treasures of every kind for you […]

  6. Spice Trails

    The piquant aroma or roasting spices linger, heady and vibrant in the still night air, mingling with the salty breeze from the ocean. The sound of the swishing waves accompany the sizzle from the open fire that flickers and flames over the curving metal pan, where the choicest of prawns fresh from the evening catch […]

  7. Big Game Discoveries

    The vast ocean that surrounds you on all sides seems to stretch to eternity. Far out in the deep, the waves seem quiet, and the sense of peace is all embracing. A sudden ‘whoosh’ shatters the calm as a gush of water spouts high into the air. The sea parts in the middle, ripples scattering […]

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