Heading out to the open seas on a luxury yacht is perhaps the ultimate mode of travel to explore a land surrounded by tropical seas. Not only is it a wonderfully luxurious way to transfer from one destination to another along the coastline, but it is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing sail taking in all the wonders of marine life, or the excitement of deep sea fishing. With Sea Select, you have a state of the art high speed cruise vessel that will give you the best in privacy as well as sumptuous facilities to enjoy while you are on board. Apart from standard transfers to your destination of choice, we also offer several cruises and ocean trips for you to choose from. You can sail the seas and follow the sun: to watch a glorious blazing sun dip over the horizon on the West coast, and round to the East for an equally spectacular sunrise. You can be enthralled by the creatures of the sea on a Whale and Dolphin watching trip, or get even closer to the marine life on a diving or snorkelling expedition – either in the shallows or the deep. And, you can reel in your favourite catch on a deep sea fishing trip too. You can choose your Sea Select destination from several ports along our coastline.

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