Whether they are crashing down from great heights, cascading in wide torrents or gushing shyly over rocky ground, waterfalls fascinate us with their majestic beauty. They have an undeniable power to make us stop and stare in awe – to stand enthralled by their unending roar or burbling song. And for those who find their charms irresistible, Sri Lanka offers a truly spectacular array to seek out and explore. In comparison to its size, our island possibly has the largest number of waterfalls for any country in the world. With 103 rivers, it’s little wonder that we have nearly 400 waterfalls – of which, over 50 are above 33 ft (10m) in height; the highest, Bambarakanda falls being 863 ft (241m). While some impress with their sheer grandeur, others beckon admiration with their unique formations. Almost all of them carry a small tale or a historic legend along with their flowing cascades – of love lost, or treasures hidden; stories told and retold over generations. Some districts are blessed with more waterfalls than others: there are 109 in the Ratnapura, 75 in Nuwara Eliya, 40 in Kegalle with others dispersed in the central hills. So the traveller never has to venture too far to witness the magic of their beauty.

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