Benign and gentle these beautiful creatures of the depths have been roaming the oceans for no less than 190 million years; but today only eight species of their kind remain on earth. Persecuted unmercifully by man, marine turtles – a highly successful species that survived the age of dinosaurs, are now critically endangered with their numbers dwindling and sadly face extinction. Driven by some mysterious instinct they traverse the tests of time and distance across the world to return to the shores where they hatched – to lay their own eggs, so the circle can continue unbroken as it has done for millions of years. Five of the world’s eight species regularly visit the shores of Sri Lanka to nest. Serious conservation projects to protect the nests and the hatchlings take place – Rekawa beach being one of the most renowned. The opportunity to witness these incredible creatures coming in to nest or to watch the tiny hatchlings rush to greet the waves and begin their hazardous journey of life, is a rare privilege that sadly may not be ours someday.

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