It is often said that there is nothing quite like a cup of tea. The world’s favourite brew, it’s enjoyed today from East to West in many a form. But the humble plant Camellia Sinensis which arrived in British colonial Ceylon as a possible rescue to the failing coffee crop took to the island’s lush hillsides and changed the nation’s history as well as its economy. Proclaimed as the best, Ceylon tea continues to be a much sought after commodity. The vast plantations grown in the days of British rule still thrive and many factories and plantation bungalows remain as a living legacy to an era past, and traditions are often carried on as they were back then. The plantations are spread across most of the hill country from the highest peaks to the lowest slopes – and produce teas that vary in strength and taste according to their elevation. Exploring the unique natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s tea country; staying at the plantation bungalows and learning of the complex manufacturing process that goes into creating this invigorating beverage can be as refreshing as savouring your perfect cup.

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