Presumed to bring miracles and healing to all who bathe from it, mystery and legend surround the wonder of the hot water springs at Kanniya even today. Located around 8km away from Trincomalee, the springs comprise seven wells around 3 to 4 feet deep, their temperatures varying from steaming hot to pleasantly warm. The fresh and clear water is believed to contain medicinal properties that cures skin diseases and eases arthritis and rheumatic pains. Indeed, multitudes visit from near and far – some, simply to witness the wonder; but most, holding unwavering faith in the curative powers of its burbling waters, seeking a restorative experience. The origin of the hot wells, legend claims, dates back to the reign of Sri Lanka’s ancient ruler King Ravana. Whilst geology may present a rational explanation, the vision of a mighty king striking his sword on the parched earth to create an eternal spring is far more fitting to this amazing natural phenomenon.

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