Glide, and soar gently with the air currents far, far above the ground – follow the winds as birds do and see the beauty of Sri Lanka from up high. Enjoy a whole new perspective of the amazing sights of our island, to truly admire their beauty in a breath-taking overview. You can choose the location for your aerial adventure according to your interests – majestic cultural sites, pristine wilderness, or golden beaches. The hot air balloons are all manufactured by recognized global brands and all crew members are experienced personnel licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka and safety standards are strictly adhered to, so you will be in good hands during your adventure in the skies. Weather gods, of course, will play a significant part – but if conditions are not favourable for your chosen day an alternative time will certainly be offered when sunny skies appear. And once you have experienced the wonder of this unique and magical way of exploration, life may never quite be the same.

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