At dawn it casts a triangular shadow in the sky; revered by every faith it is visited by millions of devotees who make the arduous climb to worship the ‘sacred footprint’ – a large depression in the rocky summit venerated as a hallowed symbol from remote antiquity. Indeed, Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak is no mere mountain – for even Mother Nature has deemed it entirely unique in stature and beauty. Towering far above the surrounding heights it rises 7,359 ft like a solitary pyramid above the clouds in a distinctive conical shape. Also called ‘Samanalakanda’ or ‘Butterfly Mountain’, its slopes are clad in pristine forest – the Peak Wilderness sanctuary, home to many endemic creatures. Several routes lead up to the top varying in length and difficulty, but pilgrims and visitors alike find the challenge well worth taking. For the chance to admire the astounding views, to feel the ambience of devotion and be at one with the magnificence of nature in her most serene, are experiences one will treasure.

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