Journey back in time to the times of “The Great Walauwas” where the aristocrats of the country (especially in Kandy) were almost powerful as the king of the island. These Walauwas / Mansions / Castles played a huge role in controling the local poplation and carrying out the laws of the country, locally. You would visit some of the best preserved mansions where royalty have called them homes. This is once in a lifetime journey through a collection of very unique and authentic ancient properties in the country.


Day 01

Upon arrival transfer to “The Walawwa” and relax the rest of the day in the property or in the Z Spa.
The Walawwa | Meals: B D


Day 02
Leave early in the morning and visit the Eladatta Walauwa, one of the last remaining Walawwa’s in the country which’s maintained in its original state. Afterwards visit Embekke to witness some of the best wood carvings in the country.
Kandy House | Meals: B D


Day 03
Ehelepola Walauwa had been operating as a prison for more than 195 years and it was handed over to the President in 2013. Ehelapola Maha Adigar or Ehelapola the Great was the leader of the successful coup against the despot King Sri Wickrema Rajasingha. He offered his Walawwa to the Maha Sangha and he settled down in Kandy.


Enjoy lunch at “Elephant Stables” which was the home of Adigar Sir Cuda Ratwatte (1880-1950) who was a Ceylonese nobleman, and the first person from Kandy to be awarded a knighthood from the British.


The Town Hall of Kandy is the headquarters of the Kandy Municipal Council and the office of the Mayor of Kandy. The mansion known as the Dunuwille Walauwe was taken up by the Municipal Council in 1870 as the city’s Town Hall. Today it houses the administrative staff of the municipal council.


Kandy House | Meals: B D


Day 04
Visit the Temple of the tooth in the monring and proceed to “Kirinda Walauwa” – a 200 year old ancestral home  of a Kandyan aristocratic family. Relax in the walawwa after lunch and take a nature walk in the property.
Mansion Nugawela | Meals: B D


Day 05
Elpitiya Walauwa was built in 1875. Tikiri Banda Panabokke was the first Kandyan to be nominated to the Legislative Council of Ceylon to represent the Kandyans. Tikiri Banda Panabokke was also appointed Police Magistrate for Kandy and acted for the ‘Diyawadana Nilame’ the chief lay custodian of the Buddha’s tooth relic housed at the Sri Dalada Maligawa, the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.


Enjoy lunch at Ambasewana Walawwa, another ancient home in Kandy.

Mansion Nugawela | Meals: B D


Day 06
Visit a tea factory in the morning and proceed deep into the misty mountains.
Enjoy lunch in Grand Hotel, built in 1891, this was the palatial residence of the former Governor of Sri Lanka, Sir Edward Barnes.


Governor’s Mansion | Meals: B D


Day 07
Relax the entire day in the mansion being pampered by the luxuries. This was built in 1800. Governors Mansion was built by the father of late William scott who is closely connected to the British royal family. Princesses have been frequent visitors to enjoy their summer vacations on a regular basis. This continued until the princess who was heir the throne was coronated.


Governor’s Mansion | Meals: B L D


Day 08
Enjoy a luxury air conditioned train ride from Hatton to Bandarawela where you would spend the night at Dutch House, an old colonial house adorned with antique furniture.
Dutch House | Meals: B D


Day 09
Leave early in the morning and arrive at Maduwanwela Walauwa. Often referred to as the “Dark Prince of Ceylon”, the Maduwanwela Disawe was a personality that defined an era. His influence with the colonial administrators of his time were such that they even bestowed on him the title of Sir James William. His ancestral home, the Maduwanwela Wallauwwa, is a reflection of the Disawe’s personality and an architectural icon of a bygone era.
Villa Walauwwa | Meals: B D


Day 10
Visit Ata Dahe Walauwa in Galle, which is about three centuries old. According to history it was set up by Lieutenant D.V. Ferdinandez. The Walawwa got the name Ata Dahe Walawwa since there were 8,000 coconut trees on the land where the Walawwa is situated.
Enjoy a scrumptious lunch at Daffodils Walauwa Restaurant in Galle.
Villa Walauwwa | Meals: B D


Day 11
En route to Colombo visit one of the best castles in Sri Lanka – the Richmond Castle which was built by Arthur De Silva.
Tintagel | Meals: B D


Day 12
Explore the city of Colombo and engage in some shopping.


Tintagel | Meals: B D


Day 13
Departure to the airport to connect your flight

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